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Gartenhaus Eamon 25m2 / 58mm / 4×6 m /6366€

Gartenhaus Eamon 25m2 / 58mm / 4×6 m /6366€

Preis: 6.366,00  inkl. 19% MwSt. Versandkosten

The wooden house „Eamon“ is a good choice if you are looking for a particularly stable and durable garden house. This 25 m 2 wooden house has massive, 58 mm thick walls, extra thick 28 mm floorboards and double glazed windows and doors. Thick planks, which are connected with double tongue and groove, make this garden house windproof and reduce the influence of the outside temperature. An additional floor and roof insulation allow the use at 8-9 months in the year; with a small heat source, this model can be used throughout the year.


Lieferzeit: 7 - 10 Wochen



Außenmaß:590 x 420 cm
Sockelmaß:570 x 400 cm
Seitenwandhöhe:230 cm
Gesamthöhe:299 cm
Wandstärke:58 mm / Was beträgt die Wandstärke? Klicken Sie hier, um Wände mit einer Stärke von 28 mm, 44 mm und 70 mm zu vergleichen
Nutzfläche :24,47 m2
Dacheindeckung:Ca. 36 m2, 18 mm
Fußboden:28 mm
Tür:1 x Doppeltür 143 x 196 cm
Fenster in der Wand:2 x Fenster 79  x 179 cm + 2 x Fenster 51 x 179 (doppelverglaste Fenster, 2 x 3mm)
Ausführung:nordische Fichte, naturbelassen


Delivery information for wooden houses

The delivery times are different for different products, please refer to this information from the product overview. We ran to Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Conditions for deliveries to Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria

Customers from Austria have to pay a delivery fee of 200 Euro.

Prices for our customers from Switzerland are stated without VAT and delivery included.

Customers ordering garden sheds, garden saunas, gazebos and other garden buildings must pay a fixed amount of 490 euros (plus VAT)  for export and import clearance and 8% VAT on the invoice amount. The Hansagarten24 online shop is not responsible for the calculation of VAT and customs fees by the Swiss authorities.

Delivery costs for neighboring countries such as the Netherlands or France on request.

The delivery is usually with a truck (6 wheels, 38 tons), which is equipped with a fork-lift truck for unloading. There is enough space for the vehicle needed (If you have any questions, please call us: +49 (0) 89 3803 5582).

If the product can not be unloaded due to lack of space, delivery costs may apply.

We will always strive to turn off the wooden house according to your wishes. However, since the forklift is heavy, it is up to the driver to decide if he can drive on the property or not.

The customer (or a representative) must be present at the delivery of the wooden house and assist in unloading if necessary.

It is important that you leave your phone number in the order form when ordering. Please make sure you are reachable before and on the day of delivery during business hours. We will always notify you of the expected delivery date (+/- 5 days) within 48 hours of placing your order and receiving the payment and contacting you at least 3 days prior to delivery. We will give you a precise delivery date. We do not deliver wooden houses before contacting you.

The Hansagarten24 GmbH does not provide stability analysis (statics) for garden houses.

If proof of stability is required by the authorities, customers must have one prepared by an engineer / architect certified in Germany.

Hansagarten24 GmbH assumes no costs that may be incurred.

Upon delivery, the wooden houses are packed watertight and can thus stand outdoors for several weeks.

If you have questions about delivery or other topics, please contact us: +49 (0) 89 3803 5582

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